What is IC Training

Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and Rules (2013) ( collectively referred to as “POSH laws”) aims at imposing the Employers with the responsibility to ensure a safe working environment for women in their workplace. 

Every employer/ establishment employing ten or more employees must constitute an Internal Complaints Committee ( referred to as the “ICC”) to provide a suitable redressal mechanism to the women aggrieved by the incident of sexual harassment.

Facts & Numbers.

As an employer or business owner, if you employ ten or more employees, it becomes MANDATORY to comply with the Act. Now, if there are multiple locations, it applies to all locations.

POSH is more women-centric to provide a safe work culture. Still, the organizations are encouraged to be “gender-neutral,” and the same provisions protect the rights of all genders against sexual harassment in the workplace.

IC Training Modules

Step I: Pre-Training Processes

Step II: Conduct a workshop based on experiential learning with the help of subject matter experts using various training tools like Case studies, videos, role plays, simulations, etc. 

Step III: Post-Training Evaluation.

IC Training Approach

The methodology of sessions is entirely interactive.  We focus on discussion of real-life scenarios that we have handled. 

These cases are not available on the internet and are based on our experience of handling anti-sexual cases.

You will gain as much as you participate. We have extensively researched what retains the most and is easy to understand. Primary ways that human beings learn are:  

  1. Auditory: Learning primarily through listening  

  2. Visual: Learning primarily through seeing  

  3. Kinaesthetic: Learning primarily through experiencing it 

Why Choose Us

IDEA DEI has years of professional exposure in PoSH Training, where we make companies PoSH Compliant and ensure no one individual should face sexual harassment under any circumstances. The IDEA DEI's proprietor and trainer, Miss Shivani Madan Bose, has a total of 17 years of experience in PoSH consulting. She continuously learns about new developments under PoSH amendments and delivers the same to the clients, which makes her conduct sessions with updated details every single time. Our unique approach for every organization is different and is based on the current needs of a particular organization.

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About Tainer

Shivani Madan Bose - PoSH Trainer & Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Consultant

Shivani Madan Bose

She is a PoSH certified trainer, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and has been instrumental in implementing the same across industries. A Post Graduate in Human Resources, she has more than 15 years of experience in conducting sessions on gender sensitization, women empowerment and DEI. She is also an NLP-certified counselor. She is an external panel member of ICC for various companies. She has conducted several workshops on Gender sensitization, PoSH awareness, Diversity and Inclusion and had counseled several clients facing mental wellness and gender bias issues.

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