What Actions Do Companies Need To Take To Retain Women In The Workplace?

Action Companies Take To Retain Women In The Workplace

Women tend to quit jobs when no scope of the growth is seen or they don’t feel comfortable in the workplace culture. There are a few points which you can focus on to retain female employees without shuffling everything entirely. 

Well, there is no doubt that every hired employee is a resource to the organization, and every valuable individual should be retained irrespective of gender. However, we are discussing women as a recent survey concludes that only 21% of women were hired in FY2022, and the rate has been almost the same since 2019. So the question is, why are the numbers of new hires 80-20? 

Woman retention has been a matter of discussion too. Why do women leave their job? What are the factors behind a woman quitting her job? Do companies have to work especially to retain a female employee? also What is the importance of women in the workplace? Let’s find the answers. 

When do women mostly leave their job? 

Among the top reasons, there are reasons a woman would leave the job is culture and advancement opportunity. Let’s discuss all of them one after the other. 

  1. Advancement Opportunities

A woman usually leaves a job because she does not find the scope of advancement within the company. Aas per a survey by LinkedIn, among 4000 women, most women were concerned about the growth in the company in terms of hierarchy. 

  1. Culture

There is no question that crime or harassment against a woman in the workplace has been a matter of concern and discussion for about a decade since society took woman’s empowerment very seriously. As a result, workplace crime has been extremely reduced for good, but stalking, unacceptable behaviour, flashing, and commenting or joking on the physique are still reported at many companies. 

Beyond that, working and treating people at lower positions has been a matter of concern and is what makes a workplace a toxic work culture for a woman, leading them to quit the organization.

  1. Dissatisfaction with senior leadership

Leadership has never been easy; you are responsible for every failure and success, and beyond that, you need to take care of every process to get results. You always have to answer to person above you, no matter if you are the CEO. When they smell the wrong intentions, female employees will skip the place no matter what. That is what came third place in the survey among reasons to leave the job. 

What actions need to be taken to retain women in the workplace? 

We have seen why woman would leave a job, but there is always a way out of problems. As per a few strategists and policymakers, any employee can be retained with these few steps. 

  1. Encouragement from Leaders of the company.

Encouragement from someone at your top helps you to motivate yourself to keep doing better every day. When you are valued and recognized, people quit their job less, and of course, any woman feels more confident when valued.

Gender equality should not just be an exercise on paper. 

The more you value female employees in the workplace, they will undoubtedly work in an environment where they can feel safe and unbiased. Also, when a woman is treated equally with a man and gets an equal opportunity to learn and grow you never have to put extra effort into retaining them. 

  1. Pay women equally 

Payment for genders can never be different if you are hiring a candidate. Gender-based different salary caps are demoralizing and are surely unethical. Among all factors, commercials matter the most when equal efforts are being asked yet are paid less. 

  1. Introduce flexible work arrangements. 

Most of the time, women would leave a job right after becoming a mother. This is because handling a child and a job is a challenging task. So, to avoid newly turned mothers quitting jobs because of divided responsibilities, allow them to work from home or make special arrangements like flexible work hours to keep them working women being responsible mothers. 

  1. Support to women employees

Women employees should be provided support in terms of flexi working hours, work from home, maternity leave, introduction of menstrual leave etc.


These were among many solutions to keep the woman retention rate high without shuffling too many things as far as policies are concerned. Do share your thoughts and views in the comment section. Never miss sharing this article with colleagues. Click here to get DEI Training, Contact us Today!