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  • We understand the critical importance of fostering a respectful and secure work environment, and we are dedicated to providing organizations with the tools and expertise they need to achieve compliance and promote a culture of equality.
  • We are passionate about helping corporate build a culture of inclusion, drive diversity and create a foundation grounded in safety of all employees against sexual harassment.
  • PoSH Trainer, a wing of our services, is one of India’s first end-to-end compliance service providers which helps organizations comply with their legal obligations related to PoSH.
  • The mission is to develop engaging and interactive training modules (both online and offline) on Gender Sensitization and PoSH. We help organizations stay PoSH compliant and also help in empanelment of External Panel Members.
  • Currently headquartered at Gujarat, PoSH Trainer has the capability to handle PoSH training and compliance requirements of clients across the country.

Why Us?

  • Successfully Investigated more than 251 cases of Sexual Harassment
  • Conducted more than 1800 sessions of PoSH Awareness
  • 500+ participants certified as PoSH Trainers through our certification program
  • Comprehensive training programs designed to educate employees, managers, and internal committees on nuances of PoSH compliance
  • Tailored programs to meet organization needs
  • Live,Interactive and Engaging Session and Discussion of Real Time case studies
  • Lifetime Assistance for handling queries related to PoSH

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PoSH Employee Awareness Programs

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