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IDEA DEI offers DEI consulting, D & I training intervention for employees & the formulation of inclusive policies.

Our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Consulting Offerings

Conscious & Unconscious Bias

Training about defining conscious and unconscious biased behavior towards colleagues esp women or transgender.

Gender Sensitization Training & Intervention

Taking issues for all genders into account and working towards equal rights of all sexes at your workplace through policies or training.

D & I Consultants

How to Implement Diversity and Equity at your workplace and make your organization inclusive for employees irrespective of their gender, culture, race, or sexual orientation.

Women Wellbeing.

Our Women Empowerment programs have been helping women across the country promote women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others.

Talk by an Eminent Speaker on Diversity and Inclusion

We organize talks by keynote speakers who share their stories about diversity and equality in the organizations.

PoSH Awareness Sessions

We conduct PoSH Awareness Sessions, To Make Organizations Aware About Preventions of Sexual Harrasment(PoSH) at Workplace, Workplace sensitization by the Expert trainer

IC Training and Certification

This program helps to equip the ICC members with the right knowledge on the subject to prevent sexual harassment and also develops professional competence for implementation of the statute.

External Panel Membership

We are empanelled with more than 100 companies as an external panel members. The role of the External Member is crucial to the Internal Complaints Committee.

What people say about us

Several clients have benefited from our services. Find out some video testimonials from our clients who have availed of our DEI consulting services.

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Our Impact

Women on Board

Woman as board member outperforms companies with no woman in board


Faster Decision Making

A Diverse and Inclusive team makes 87% of Profitable business decision


Enhances Innovation

A team with geographical diversity boosts innovation by 20%


Reduces Risk Of Failure

A  Diverse team reduces the risk of failure by 30% and is why the success ratio is high

Our Clients

Diversity and Equity: Why is it important?

For Employers:

It helps employees feel a sense of belonging in the organization, thereby improving productivity.

Building Brand Image for Organization:

Organizations with effective DEI policies are proudly presenting themselves as an employer of choice by the employees.

For Employees:

Feeling opinions are valued promotes a sense of belonging in the organization and helps them to contribute their views and opinions productively.

Instructor-Led Gender Sensitization Sessions

Our Gender Sensitization training presented a compilation of information on gender awareness, bringing forward the distinction between sex and gender whilst defining other gender-related terminology and the important role that education can play in sensitizing people to change their mindset. These concepts are necessary to understand because “the gender question is not just about women and men and how they interact, but understanding these concepts would help in sensitizing people about curbing the gender biases prevailing in society. With understanding comes the ability to bring about attitudinal changes toward Gender-based violence.

Why is Gender Sensitization Needed?

With the rising number of women professionals in the workplace, it is necessary to take steps to protect their interests. Offering transportation and flexible working hours are one way of ensuring their safety. But they also need to be safeguarded against sexual harassment. Hence, enterprises must conduct training programs for all employees to sensitize them about gender issues.

Why IDEA for Diversity and Inclusion (DEI) training?

IDEA DEI Consultants provides unique solutions to every organization based on their existing culture. Our highly customizable, detailed, and practical programs are backed by thorough research and all stakeholders' input.

Roadmap for a truly diverse and inclusive organization:

Phase 1

Understanding the current culture  of the organization

Phase 2

Benchmarking with best industry practices

Phase 3

Identification of cultural and procedural gaps.

Phase 4

Taking inputs from the stakeholders of the organization.

Phase 5

Providing appropriate solutions for bridging the gaps.

Phase 6

Implementation of the specified  solutions

Phase 7

Continuous reinforcement and sustenance of a truly diverse and inclusive culture.


I want to thank you for always showing enthusiasm and being willing to jump in wherever i needed guidance. That kind of leadership really helps us to stay motivated. I’m also impressed by your dedication to recognizing our accomplishments and showing your appreciation for quality work. Your positive affirmations make me feel good about what I contributed.
Divya Babu

Frequently Answered Questions

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the workplace enhance the culture and working methodology of every member of the organization. Studies prove that diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace make the team more innovative, boost productivity, and, ultimately, the organization’s profitability. Beyond that, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are also  a matter of pride for an organization, and it helps in the brand building of an organization. 

Diversity is about bringing or hiring people from different socio-economical backgrounds, different genders, sexual orientations, races and from every part of society. Inclusiveness is making a work environment where everyone adds value to the organization, where every individual’s voice is heard, every input is considered and where every member works together despite having different thought processes.

Diversity helps to promote a sense of belongingness in an organisation. Every employee believes that their ideas are valued; they are a part of the team. Diversity promotes an inclusive culture, thereby leading to more productivity of an individual.

IDEA DEI believes in understanding the current scenario of the organization, and we offer solutions based on detailed insights from the client’s end and benchmarking  them with best practices in the industry. We offer  relevant and practical solutions that are customized in detail to meet specific clients’ requirements. We have been in Industry since 2017

IDEA DEI generally doesn’t have generalized processes and policies to offer a client; on the contrary, based on the client’s insight, we understand the current practices in the organization, comparing with the current industrial trends and marginalizing the gap for the organization. 

The intervention duration for DEI varies depending on the client’s need; however, based on our experience, the average duration for DEI intervention is a minimum of 6 months and can extend to a duration of one year.

The proprietor of IDEA DEI and our head trainer, Shivani Madan Bose, conducts all training and sessions for DEI. In addition, we have Subject Matter Expert  for different topics.

We offer a lot of experiential activities  which encourages introspection among participants; a lot of participants are not aware of the unconscious bias that they have; through experiential activity and learning, we try to bring home a point on how to overcome such bias.


 We also have  a lot of video-based and real-life based scenario discussions to make the participants understand the everyday situation where bias may occur and what strategies need  to be  followed to implement more inclusion in the workplace. 

The session duration may vary based on the client’s need, but an average session lasts at least 4 hours.

All of the sessions are experientia based. 

We conduct many activities and video-based discussions to harness points of the importance of Diversity.


 We would also be discussing real-life experiences. In short, all activities are based on real-life experiences that help employees understand whether they exhibit some kind of  bias and  to figure out a strategy to implement and promote a more inclusive culture. 

It would depend on the client’s requirements and current needs. But we recommend having at least one session/workplace in a month to reinforce the message regularly.

Continuous reinforcement of the same message. We use different/creative methodologies and practices to ensure the participants receive the same message every month. We have seen a noticeable change in clients’ and participants’ behavior and approaches towards each other in the workplace. 

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