7 Types of DEI Training to Implement Within Your Company

Types of diversity training

Diversity is a term that is related to having people in an organization from different ideological sides, race, gender, sexual orientation, geographical areas, socio-economic background. Diversity doesn’t mean only to have different perspective and way of working. Inclusion provides employee a safe platform for employees to express their opinion and ideas. For the same, inclusiveness in any workplace is essential which can be achieved by presenting benefits of DEI training for employees. and know the right types of DEI training for your employees

For any organisation, it is very essential to work on policies on diversity and incusion  before even considering implementing diversity at the workplace. Radical ideological person in any organisation may be harmful to the growth of organisation and is of course harmful for the concept of diversity, equity and inclusion  too, such people should be identified earliest possible and should be coached accordingly. One of the key reasons for failure of diversity here is about not accepting better ideas and sticking to someone’s idea/opinion only which shall be rectified and an inclusiveness which brings a concept of accepting and respecting everyone’s idea/opinion should be brought into picture.

For the same, here after, we are going to see some types of DEI training to implement within the company so that comes under DEI training for employees to not only entertain but also to be respected by every member of the organization.

Types of DEI Trainings

7 Types of DEI Trainings for your organization

Now there are several types of training from awareness to basic to intermediate level training which can (in most cases) can be achieved by seminars and sessions from experts. The duration could vary from a few hours to a daylong training but the impact of such sessions are long term. These types of DEI training are solely meant to bring awareness among employees about diversity and to encourage them to practise diversity at the workplace.

1. DEI Awareness Trainings

Among the most essential training for implementing DEI in the workplace, DEI awareness training is meant to let people/employees of your organisation learn what are terminologies about sexual minorities, gender minorities, who are people with different socio-economic backgrounds.

Everyone in your organisation should be aware about the importance of diversity, benefits of DEI training, equal opportunities to grow (Equity) on individual level and organisational level, and an individual’s role in making an inclusive work culture.

2. Corporate Benefits of DEI

As one of the surveys concluded that on an individual scale, an employee in a diverse company enjoys 19% growth in revenue. This could be based in terms of perks and incentive separately from CTC, the role of individuals is a major one to implement diversity, equity and inclusion. DEI seems to be an individual based issue, emphasis should be laid more on employees to strictly follow policies of DEI of any organisation and help building inclusion at workplace effectively.

According to a separate study, diverse companies are likely to cross industry median in terms of revenue growth and also 25% more creativity level with a diverse team. So, from an organisation perspective, management shall be aware of the corporate benefits of DEI. The initiative starts from management going downwards till the worker level.

3. Training topics for DEI

Usually, DEI consists of various subtopics that help in implementing the concept of diversity. Among them every single one of them is highly essential to have an inclusive work culture. The training list goes like,

    1. Awareness session on Diversity , Equity and Inclusion
    2. Conscious and Unconscious Bias,
    3. Anti Harassment training,
    4. Cultural Awareness and Belonging,
    5. Howto create an inclusive and equitable culture for Transgender,
    6. How to create an inclusive and equitable culture for people with physical and mental disabilities
    7. Gender Sensitization

As Inclusiveness is effective when every single member is considered, the process also includes training to every single member of the organisation. Among all these topics for DEI training for employees, the emphasis should be on every possible person from asecurity guard  to the  CEO of the organisation.

4. Basic DEI Trainings

Basic DEI training for employees consists of awarenesssession, training for benefits of DEI, Conscious and unconscious bias training, , Gender Sensitization  training. The basic DEI training is meant to create a sense of the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion for mutual benefit of both employee and employer.

For implementation of big changes in policies like Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the desired participation of employees comes from their willingness to grow individually and hence the training should be employee centric and all the benefits to employees of the organisation shall be focused.

5. Skill based DEI Training

Among many DEI training for employees and Benefits of DEI training one needs to learn some skills set separately to effectively reduce and conscious and unconscious bias and practise DEI in the workplace. Among your workforce, a couple of compulsory skills shall be Communication skills and Interpersonal Skills. Both these skills are necessary to avoid demeaning remarks, sexist jokes in the organization.

From written emails to notices, the pronouns used shall cover all genders (Including transgender), and many such communication changes are necessary. Besides that, a culture of gender-based jokes shall be prohibited which can be achieved by implementing a sense of awareness about diversity and inclusiveness.

6. Diversity Audits

All the efforts of policies and training shall be checked using a list with checkboxes. For which regular audits at the workplace for diversity shall be conducted, which can be planned or conducted randmlyThe more you work on your flaws, more perfection can be achieved through Diversity Audits.

7. Intermediate DEI Trainings

Once your organisation has achieved basic diversity, an intermediate diversity training shall be conducted through seminars or sessions that revise the basic diversity topics and introduce advanced level diversity practices.

Repetitive training for the same topic makes it understand the concept  thoroughly and reinforce the required behavious to make the organization truly diverse and inclusive.

So, these are the y 7 types of DEI training which can be implemented within your company they  are must if you are looking for implementing diversity at the workplace. Concludingly, a diverse company has too many benefits to enjoy that includes individual growth of an employee and indirectly working and contributing for the betterment of society by including every section of society. Ultimately, diversity is a fora good cause and shall be ia part of all organizations ranging from small scale to MNC level